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Wrecking Balls Arena

Info, screenshots, videos and APK download for Wrecking Balls Arena on OUYA

Wrecking Balls Arena
APK   36.8 MB
Current version: 1.08
  • Tips N4G

  • Original release: 13th August 2013 - 10:20 EDT (ver. 1.01)
  • Last updated: 28th November 2013 - 11:51 EST (ver. 1.08)
  • OUYA Store section tags: Multiplayer, Fight!, Arcade/Pinball, ONLY ON OUYA, OUR FOUNDERS: THE TRUE BELIEVERS
  • Publisher: Team Kakumei
  • Content rating: 9+

"Wrecking Balls Arena is a rare OUYA exclusive and stands out on its storefront thanks to a unique premise and art style."
-Jeremy Peeples (HardcoreGamer.com)

Versus Mode Mayhem for 1-4 players! Each player takes command of a team of 4 "Wrecking Balls" as they fight across six diverse and symbolic landscapes; you'll need fast reflexes as well as smart strategy to successfully lead your team to victory!

• An experimental gameplay style that we like to call "Arcade-Style Real-Time Strategy".
• Items to help during battle such as swords, pistols, skateboards, and... sunglasses?
• Incredible hand-drawn artwork, fish-eye lens, and a silky smooth framerate... all completely optimized for the OUYA. This ain't a lazy mobile port, kid!
• A wide, varied soundtrack featuring music by Pascul Mimeault, Joseph Eidson, Reverence, and more.
• Supports PS3, Xbox 360, and most USB Controllers.
• A huge options menu that lets you tweak various gameplay mechanics/rules, item settings, and other options. (Only available in Full Version.)

Free Version only includes "Peacetime Shores" stage. Get all 6 levels and options menu by purchasing the Full Version for only $3.99!