Who we are; why we're here

Hello. 👋

As you may or may not (more likely) be aware, TotalOUYA.com was a modestly popular destination for OUYA gamers many years ago before the dream sadly died. :(

We took the old site down a few years ago, when the updates stopped. Until that point, we had for a while been feeding off the original OUYA API, which gave us details of new releases and updates, and at one stage had turned the site into something that automatically posted this info, rather than our own articles.

However, without the API, the blog-style layout didn't really work. And at that time we didn't feel rebuilding the site into a directory/database was a use of time we could justify.

Things change though, and with new projects on the horizon and a wider need to build some experimental features and bespoke framework, all of a sudden using the existing OUYA data has made sense. So here we are. We decided to put live the simple website created as part of this larger development process.

Of course there's no new info anymore, and this won't get updated. But it's a decent easy-to-browse collection of OUYA apps and games featuring all the screenshots, videos and version updates we have in our database. So perhaps some people will find it useful from time to time.

Oh, and before you ask, sorry, but we didn't ever store the APKs (we just linked off to the live API URL). So we don't have those to offer. And we probably wouldn't be allowed anyway. :)

TotalOUYA.com Staff