Deep Dungeons of Doom


Released in March 2013 by Bossa Studios

Deep Dungeons of Doom
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  • APK Size: 38.04 MB
  • Original Release: 24th March 2013 (ver. 1.0)
  • Latest Update: 14th September 2013 (ver. 1.1.0)
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • Genres: Adventure, Retro, Role-Playing
  • Supported Devices: OUYA


Deep Dungeons of Doom was first released on 24th March 2013 by Bossa Studios, for OUYA.

"Gorgeous pixel art and animations" - 90% Touch Arcade

You’re Going Down! Enter the Deep Dungeons of Doom if you dare…

This game is only for the brave. Dungeons await, each one deeper, each one more perilous and each one more challenging than the last.

You will meet monsters and you will need skill and tactics to defeat them. You will find weird and wonderful treasures along the way. Most will help you, but some might not. You may choose to play as a Crusader, a Witch or a Mercenary – in fact each one might well be required if you are to successfully complete your quest – but knowing when to use each one is something you are going to have to figure out for yourself.

The reward for your endeavours? The Deepest Dungeon of Doom. Never before has such evil existed on such a massive scale. Only the most battle-hardened rogues will stand a chance of making an impact.

Game Features:

• Relive the 8-bit era with super-stylised visuals, music and SFX
• Simple gameplay with a wicked learning curve
• Choose from 3 characters, each with their own unique abilities
• Battle monsters in increasingly deep and difficult dungeons
• Explore a world of magic, evil, power and redemption

"Deep Dungeons Of Doom Isn’t Just For The Brave; It Should Be Played By Everyone." - Indie Statik

"Pacey and immediate, Deep Dungeons of Doom offers no-frills, retro-themed fantasy fun." - 8/10 AppSpy

"Deep Dungeons of Doom follows a path I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen before." - 4/5 148Apps

Deep Dungeons of Doom Version Release History

  • Version 1.1.0  -  released 14th September 2013
  • Version 1.0  -  released 24th March 2013
  • Version 1.0  -  released 24th March 2013

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