Released in October 2015 by Jayenkai

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  • APK Size: 19.09 MB
  • Original Release: 21st October 2015 (ver. 1.0)
  • Latest Update: 4th January 2016 (ver. 1.5)
  • Age Rating: Everyone
  • Genres: Retro
  • Supported Devices: M.O.J.O., Razer Forge TV, OUYA


The extreme Spike Avoidance Simulator takes a second throw past the spikes, as you battle against all manner of deadly objects in your path.
Guide your bouncing ball past Spikes, PomPoms, Spikes, Buses, Spikes, Pinwheels and of course, Spikes.

Score enough points to unlock each gamemode, and see how far you can dislike all the Spikes.

SpikeDislike2 Version Release History

  • Version 1.5  -  released 4th January 2016
  • Version 1.0  -  released 21st October 2015

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