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Natural Soccer
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Natural Soccer is a highly playable and fun arcade football game with fast-paced action, accurate physics and intuitive controls.

=== REVIEWS ===

“At first glance, Natural Soccer may appear to be a graphically simplistic game. Don't be fooled! Natural Soccer is a highly-rated game that delivers an intense realistic experience that all soccer fans owe it to themselves to play.”
nVIDIA (Tegrazone Editor)

“It's like Sensible Soccer but faster paced and more fun. Either alone, or with a friend, this game is hours of excitement and addiction. With the option of quick play, this game is already better than FIFA!”
Green Man Gaming (Staff Pick)

“What a goal!!! ... In short, believe me and buy Natural Soccer because it worths every single cent of its small price.”
81 – GMG Review


“In my Opinion you've already achieved your goal of programming the best arcade soccer! I played most of them and not a single one comes even close to Natural Soccer!”
Wongstyle, OUYA Forum

“Just picked the game up on discount. So happy I did! One of my fav games on Ouya thus far!!”
Marshmallow Mark (@MarshmallowMark), Twitter

“great job (...)! loved sensible soccer and love this too. bought it last week”
Anthony Huczek, OUYA Forum

“Bought my first game on the OUYA today. Which one? Natural Soccer, of course! #magic #ouya”
Anders Døsen (@andersdosen), Twitter

=== FEATURES ===

★ Highly playable
★ Credible and fun ball physics
★ Full and direct control of the ball, including "Aftertouch"
★ 3 different dribbling modes to support your style of play
★ Smooth graphics
★ 4 different pitches to play on - each with unique characteristics
★ Simple controls - easy to learn, hard to master
★ Full support of (common) controllers and gamepads
★ Up to 4 players against each other or in local-coop mode (controllers required)
★ Powerful AI for both CPU opponents and goal keepers
★ Sliding tackles with fouls, bookings, free kicks & penalties
★ Different Formations to choose from
★ Play vertically or horizontally, alter camera height and tilt
★ Over 200 teams with more than 2.200 individual, carefully crafted players
★ Offside Rule
★ Challenge Mode with online Leaderboards
★ League Mode
★ Achievements

Natural Soccer Version Release History

  • Version 1.4.1  -  released 1st July 2016

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