Released in April 2013 by Headup Games GmbH & Co. KG

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  • APK Size: 29.52 MB
  • Original Release: 12th April 2013 (ver. 1.0)
  • Age Rating: Everyone
  • Genres: Fight!, Multiplayer
  • Supported Devices: M.O.J.O., OUYA


Originally developed by FlukeDude (the creator of XBox 360 Indie-hit The Impossible Game) comes a fast-paced actiongame for up to 4 players.

Use 7 different weapons to defend yourself and get away from the monster while trying to urge your opponents towards it.

With awesome music and a one-of-a-kind artwork Sci-Fighters is fully playable without buying any In-App-Purchases. Donate if you like the game - or not, whatever.

Sci-Fighters Version Release History

  • Version 1.0  -  released 12th April 2013

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