Sky Arena


Released in June 2013 by Hammer Labs

Sky Arena
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  • APK Size: 49.07 MB
  • Original Release: 25th June 2013 (ver.
  • Latest Update: 14th March 2014 (ver.
  • Age Rating: 9+
  • Genres: FPS/Shooter, Multiplayer
  • Supported Devices: OUYA


Sky Arena was first released on 25th June 2013 by Hammer Labs, for OUYA.

Version 0.5 Changelog (10. March 2014)

The "everything is much faster now" update :)

-Added: Smaller deathmatch planets better suited for fast battles with 4 players or less
-Added: Enemy position markers on screen, this replaces the minimap
-Added: New secondary default weapon: Flare grenade
-Added: New way of doing loopings and 180 turns: No more animations, you keep control the whole time
-Added: New "Killed by" messages
-Added: New score counter messages
-Added: New target lock on mode for the primary laser charge
-Added: New speed indicators. By doing advanced maneuvers you can go even faster
-Added: Flyby cameras that show up in the empty splitscreen slots. Much nicer than black boxes
-Changed: Pickup weapons now have limited ammo
-Balancing: Primary weapons have been rebalanced to account for ammo
-Updated: Now using the newest Ouya SDK, this should remove input lag

This is a demo for the still in development game "Sky Arena".

Sky Arena is a shoot ‘em up in which you pilot a small fighter and fight against three of your friends in local couch-multiplayer. An online multiplayer mode is currently in development and we are looking for feedback to make this game as good as it can be.

Sky Arena Version Release History

  • Version  -  released 14th March 2014
  • Version  -  released 1st August 2013
  • Version  -  released 11th July 2013
  • Version  -  released 25th June 2013

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