Push the Fluffies


Released in July 2013 by Magory.net

Push the Fluffies
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Long time ago on a planet far far away there was a tribe of creatures called the Fluffies. They lived in peace until an Evil Fluffie stole all their sleepy brothers and scattered them in a strange space-time dimensions... Fluffies went through a portal to save their friends one by one and to defeat the Evil Fluffies...

Push the Fluffies is a game where you push small creatures into portals to other dimensions to save them troughout different levels. Beautiful hand drawn graphics and engaging music combined with addicting gameplay will provide you hours of fun.

PRICE: $2.99

Push the Fluffies Version Release History

  • Version 1.02  -  released 10th August 2013
  • Version 1.01  -  released 29th July 2013

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