Hipster Zombies


Released in August 2013 by Sharkbomb Studios

Hipster Zombies
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  • APK Size: 18.71 MB
  • Original Release: 1st August 2013 (ver. 1.2.1)
  • Latest Update: 4th April 2014 (ver. 1.2.6)
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • Genres: Arcade/Pinball, Short on Time?
  • Supported Devices: OUYA


When hipsters turn themselves into zombies and haunt the living it's time to fight back. Ironically.

Fight against legions of pretentious undead in this light-hearted arcade action game.


At night the hipsters leave their hiding holes to shamble towards you looking for brains. Brains and vintage clothes. Now it's your job to stop them from infecting and plundering your neighborhood. Granted, it's not that bad a job if you ignore the lethal risks. After all you get to frag some zombies.

- Wield a variety of different ironic trash-weapons
- Collect coins to upgrade and add to your arsenal
- Defend different locales of your neighborhood against the hipster horde
- Freely move in 2 directions!

Hipster Zombies Version Release History

  • Version 1.2.6  -  released 4th April 2014
  • Version 1.2.4  -  released 2nd December 2013
  • Version 1.2.3  -  released 21st October 2013
  • Version 1.2.2  -  released 2nd August 2013
  • Version 1.2.1  -  released 1st August 2013

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