Cabs vs. Helicopter


Released in February 2014 by Flauchers Finest

Cabs vs. Helicopter
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  • APK Size: 20.21 MB
  • Original Release: 21st February 2014 (ver. 1.0)
  • Latest Update: 19th March 2014 (ver. 2.0)
  • Age Rating: Everyone
  • Genres: Arcade/Pinball, FPS/Shooter, Fight!
  • Supported Devices: OUYA


Cabs vs. Helicopter was first released on 21st February 2014 by Flauchers Finest, for OUYA.

Shoot Aliens! Shoot empty cabs! But do not kill any humans!

Save the Earth from an alien menace!

In 2075 the only way to survive the ALIEN INVASION was to sit on the back seat of a YELLOW CAB. Green ugly extra terrestrial life forms from outer space captured the only human beings left on mother earth. You are the last available helicopter pilot. Start your engine AND SAVE YOUR FRIENDS!

But ... be careful.

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Cabs vs. Helicopter Version Release History

  • Version 2.0  -  released 19th March 2014
  • Version 2.0  -  released 14th March 2014
  • Version 1.2  -  released 27th February 2014
  • Version 1.2  -  released 27th February 2014
  • Version 1.1  -  released 25th February 2014
  • Version 1.0  -  released 21st February 2014

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