Trashmania: After Dark


Released in March 2014 by Team Kakumei

Trashmania: After Dark
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It's night time, and all you have to do is collect trashcans and take them to the dumpster. But watch out... you're not alone...

Version 0.96 Changelog:
-Metro A and Metro B levels added!
-Some minor bug fixes.
-Thanks a bunch for the patience! Hope to have the last three levels out as soon as possible!

Trashmania: After Dark Version Release History

  • Version 0.961  -  released 31st July 2014
  • Version 0.961  -  released 24th July 2014
  • Version 0.9  -  released 20th May 2014
  • Version 0.9  -  released 20th May 2014
  • Version 0.71  -  released 12th March 2014

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