Groundskeeper 2


Released in April 2014 by Orangepixel

Groundskeeper 2
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Groundskeeper 2 was first released on 8th April 2014 by Orangepixel and is compatible with M.O.J.O. and OUYA.

Survive the invasion of the supernatural, the robots, the monsters.. the world needs you!

Groundskeeper 2 throws you in the middle of a war, the war with supernatural robots from outer space.. yeah.. we went there!

Every time you play this game you will get further and have a better chance at surviving. You'll unlock new weapons like the machine-gun, laser-gun, rocket-launcher, and tools like all-destroying lightbeams, shields, time-slowdowns, and more!

What's more important, you'll unlock new worlds and hopefully become a true hero for the resistance... or you die a quick death and try again..

- unlockables, a LOT of unlockables
- fast paced arcade action
- unlockable weapons
- always changing gameplay (levels are randomized)
- unlockable worlds
- big bad ass robots
- achievements, leaderboards
- and did we mention a lot of unlockables?

Groundskeeper 2 Version Release History

  • Version 1.0.0  -  released 8th April 2014

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