Released in May 2014 by Lad Inc

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  • APK Size: 11.46 MB
  • Original Release: 13th May 2014 (ver. 2.0)
  • Latest Update: 24th June 2014 (ver. 2.4)
  • Age Rating: Everyone
  • Genres: Multiplayer, Short on Time?, Sports
  • Supported Devices: OUYA


Soccer + Cars = Soc-Car!

Soc-Car is a, completely free, local multi-player game where you use cars to play soccer. Try the new "Soc-Car Cup" mode, take a team all the way to the final!

Updated Side select screen
De-clutter of the options screen
Reduction in size of app
Faster initial load time

Updated Graphics (1080p)
Bots (AI) cars
All New Menus
35 Countries to pick, all with unique cars
1-8 Players supported

Soc-Car supports most common types of controllers.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions or if you experience any issues

Soc-Car Version Release History

  • Version 2.4  -  released 24th June 2014
  • Version 2.0  -  released 13th May 2014

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