Jumpman Forever


Released in May 2014 by Midnight Ryder Technologies

Jumpman Forever
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Get ready for a mind-bending, heart pounding platform experience! Forget old mustachioed plumbers who make games simple - Jumpman Forever brings back the roots of true platform games, challenging you on every level with a combination of puzzles and action that haven't been seen in ages!

Jumpman Forever features:
32 NEW Jumpman levels!
2 Playable Characters!
4 Difficulty Levels
4 Separate Missions

Also planned as part of the Kickstarter:
Quarterly FREE Level Packs
Level Editor
Level Sharing Community

This is the first full release - what did people had to say about the pre-release and Beta versions?

***** "I had an exclusive look at the beta and I have to say: it is a faithful reproduction." --- Retro Gaming Society *****

***** "Even in beta form, this is rock-solid and I can’t wait to try out the full game." --- Hard Core Gamer *****

***** "Looks like fans of old-school platformers are going to have a reason to celebrate." --- Everyday Gamers *****

Jumpman Forever Version Release History

  • Version 1.0  -  released 15th May 2014

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