Undead Skirmish


Released in July 2014 by Dream-Crusher Labs, LLC

Undead Skirmish
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  • APK Size: 103.83 MB
  • Original Release: 18th July 2014 (ver. 2.0)
  • Age Rating: 9+
  • Genres: Dual Stick, Multiplayer
  • Supported Devices: OUYA


Undead Skirmish was first released on 18th July 2014 by Dream-Crusher Labs, LLC, for OUYA.

Undead Skirmish is an arena style dual joystick action game. All of the fighting is done completely with the two joysticks. Fight wave after wave of undead in the arena. Need a little more adventure in your life? In dungeon mode you can search the randomly generated dungeons for the key to the next level. See how far down you can get. Be cautious though, the necromancers minions will be hot on your heels every step of the way.

Undead Skirmish Version Release History

  • Version 2.0  -  released 18th July 2014

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