r0x (Extended Play)


Released in August 2014 by RGCD

r0x (Extended Play)
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More avoid-em-up than traditional shmup, r0x (Extended Play) is a simple arcade game where ammo is scarce and you are rewarded generously for taking risks and flying dangerously. Graze rocks, bullets and enemies to recharge your cannon and thrust at breakneck speed through the deadly meteor storm to rack up an epic score!

r0x EP is an enhanced remake of RGCD and NoExtra’s 2009 Atari STE game r0x, released at the Sundown Demoparty 2014. Developed in YoYo Games GMS over the course of five intense weeks by a core two-man team, r0x EP improves on the original game by introducing a wide range of Proximan renegade scum to battle, nine objective based 2-4 player vs modes and brutal astronaut zero-g wrestling! ;)

Released in conjunction with Unstable Label, the game also acts as an interactive music disk featuring some killer beats from protracker hero h0ffman. Graphics by Tikipod, Vierbit and iLKke. r0x and r0x EP are loosely based on the meteor storm bonus stage in Edgar Vigdal's amazing 1990's game Deluxe Galaga (Amiga).

r0x (Extended Play) Version Release History

  • Version 2.0.2  -  released 19th November 2014
  • Version 1.9.4  -  released 7th August 2014

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