Asteroid Soccer 2014

Released in November 2013 by Cyborg Dino Inc.
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About Asteroid Soccer 2014

Asteroid Soccer 2014 was first released on 20 November 2013 by Cyborg Dino Inc., for OUYA. Since its initial release, Asteroid Soccer 2014 received one update.

Asteroid Soccer 2014 belongs to three genres: Arcade/Pinball, Multiplayer and Sports. It has an age rating of Everyone.

Over the course of its lifespan, users 'liked' Asteroid Soccer 2014 26 times, and left 53 ratings, registering an average score of four stars out of five.

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From The Developer

In the future, scientists have scientifically created Asteroid Soccer! Designed to be the absolutely perfect sport, it has rendered all other sports obsolete in the year 2014. The rules are simple. Pilot your Viper Fighter XJ42 and push the giant space ball into your opponent's goal by any means possible. Equip yourself with the most overpowered weapons, thrusters, bombs, and anything you can find on the space-field so that you can dodge, crash, blast, and explode your way to victory.

Version Release History

Version Released
1.1 January 9, 2014
1.0 November 20, 2013

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