Canabalt HD

Released in March 2013 by Kittehface Software
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About Canabalt HD

Canabalt HD was first released on 28 March 2013 by Kittehface Software and is compatible with M.O.J.O. and OUYA. Since its initial release, Canabalt HD received three subsequent version updates.

Canabalt HD belongs to four genres: Multiplayer, Platformer, Racing and Short on Time?. It has an age rating of 9+.

Over the course of its lifespan, users 'liked' Canabalt HD 1,004 times, and left 613 ratings, registering an average score of four stars out of five.

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From The Developer

The simple and fast-pased platform action game that pioneered a genre arrives on Android devices, remastered with new 3D backgrounds and smooth animation! Select between classic 2D artwork or new 3D artwork, track your performance on online high score boards, and more!

Now supports multiple game moves, and two-player simultaneous play!

Version Release History

Version Released
3.0 March 12, 2015
3.0 December 17, 2014
2.1 July 3, 2013
2.01 March 28, 2013

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