Catlateral Damage

Released in November 2014 by Chris Chung
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About Catlateral Damage

Catlateral Damage was first released on 4 November 2014 by Chris Chung and is compatible with Nuvola NP-1, Razer Forge TV and OUYA. Since its initial release, Catlateral Damage received eight subsequent version updates.

Catlateral Damage belongs to four genres: FPS/Shooter, Kids List, Meditative and Sim/Strategy. It has an age rating of Everyone.

Users left 90 ratings, registering an average score of four stars out of five.

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From The Developer

Catlateral Damage is a first-person destructive cat simulator where you play as a cat on a rampage, knocking as much stuff onto the ground as possible. See the world through the eyes of a cat! Like other first-person games, you can walk and look around, jump, and crouch. Unlike other first-person games, your primary weapons are your two cat paws, which you can use to swipe at and knock objects onto the floor.

-Play from the perspective of a crazy domestic house cat.
-Destroy precious collectibles and expensive electronics with your little paws.
-Make a mess of every room in the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen.
-Procedurally-generated houses for endless replayability.
-Loads of collectibles, unlockable cats, and power-ups.
-Over 230 photos of real-life cats to find and collect.

Version Release History

Version Released
1.0 February 18, 2016
1.0 June 11, 2015
1.0 April 20, 2015
1.0 March 4, 2015
1.0 February 6, 2015
1.0 December 23, 2014
1.0 December 3, 2014
1.0 November 14, 2014
1.0 November 4, 2014

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