Released in August 2014 by www.ezraanderson.com
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About Minetest

Minetest was first released on 14 August 2014 by www.ezraanderson.com, for OUYA. Since its initial release, Minetest received two subsequent version updates.

Minetest belongs to three genres: Adventure, Multiplayer and Sim/Strategy. It has an age rating of Everyone.

Users left 405 ratings, registering an average score of four stars out of five.

For further info, check out the developer's description below and/or view the screenshots and video elsewhere on the page.

From The Developer


Update Information:
- Navigable inventory & options with D-pad
- Improved & stable frame-rate(fps)

- Minetest is an "open source" infinite-world block sandbox game.
- Minetest is Inspired by InfiniMiner and Minecraft.
- Minetest has been in development and use since October 2010.
- Minetest is completely free, but you should support development by Donating.

* Explore
* Mine
* Craft

Requirements :
- Must be installed on the Internal storage drive.
- 30 megs of sdcard storage

Version Release History

Version Released October 17, 2014 August 18, 2014 August 14, 2014

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