Mupen64Plus AE (N64 Emulator)

Released in March 2013 by Paul Lamb
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About Mupen64Plus AE (N64 Emulator)

Mupen64Plus AE (N64 Emulator) was first released on 23 March 2013 by Paul Lamb and is compatible with M.O.J.O., Razer Forge TV and OUYA. Since its initial release, Mupen64Plus AE (N64 Emulator) received eight subsequent version updates.

Mupen64Plus AE (N64 Emulator) is classified under the Retro genre. It has an age rating of Everyone.

Over the course of its lifespan, users 'liked' Mupen64Plus AE (N64 Emulator) 2,146 times, and left 2,119 ratings, registering an average score of four stars out of five.

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From The Developer

Mupen64Plus AE is a port of the popular open-source Nintendo 64 emulator "Mupen64Plus" to Android, and now the OUYA video game console! This emulator allows you to play your backed-up N64 games (called ROMs) on your OUYA. It does NOT come with any ROMs (you must provide them yourself). For instructions on backing up your games, or other FAQ visit the support forum at PaulsCode.Com

Version Release History

Version Released
2.4.2 December 6, 2013
2.4.1 November 21, 2013
2.4.0 November 4, 2013
2.3.4 August 24, 2013
2.3.2 July 18, 2013
2.3.1 June 17, 2013
2.3.0 May 29, 2013
2.2.0 April 5, 2013
2.1.2 March 23, 2013

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