Regular Ordinary Boy

Released in March 2013 by Matt Dalgety
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About Regular Ordinary Boy

Regular Ordinary Boy was first released on 28 March 2013 by Matt Dalgety, for OUYA. Regular Ordinary Boy received no additional updates, making this first release the only version available.

Regular Ordinary Boy belongs to three genres: Platformer, Retro and Role-Playing. It has an age rating of 12+.

Over the course of its lifespan, users 'liked' Regular Ordinary Boy 119 times, and left 81 ratings, registering an average score of three stars out of five.

For further info, check out the developer's description below and/or view the screenshots further down the page.

From The Developer

Regular Ordinary Boy is a retro action-adventure sidescroller.

* Hit stuff with swords
* Kill monsters, collect gold and other loot
* Purchase new swords and armor at shops on your journey
* Defeat epic bosses
* Find hidden treasures

Can you defeat the evil wizard who burned your house down?

* 10 unique monsters, each with 5 levels of difficulty
* 4 bosses to defeat
* 7 unique levels to explore
* Action based side scrolling gameplay, kill all those monsters!

Retro Style

* Retro graphics
* Old school sound effects
* Retro sounding chiptune music

"Pretty goooood"

"Reminds me of my old school consoles!"

"I played it, and I liked it!"

Version Release History

Version Released
1.0.2 March 28, 2013

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