Twin Robots

Released in December 2013 by Thinice
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About Twin Robots

Twin Robots was first released on 21 December 2013 by Thinice, for OUYA. Since its initial release, Twin Robots received seven subsequent version updates.

Twin Robots belongs to three genres: Multiplayer, Platformer and Short on Time?. It has an age rating of 9+.

Over the course of its lifespan, users 'liked' Twin Robots 99 times, and left 212 ratings, registering an average score of four stars out of five.

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From The Developer

Rescue your twin and find the way out of each level together!
Switch control between the two robots at any time, or even better: play with a friend in local multiplayer!
You'll be running, jumping & solving puzzles together, but beware: Both robots are battery-powered so they consume energy in everything they do. Watch out for their battery levels!

New in this update:
- Changed leaderboards to a self-hosted solution.
- Fixed a bug that made the robots fall through the floor when jumping from a moving platform.

Version Release History

Version Released
1.83 September 9, 2014
1.82 July 23, 2014
1.81 July 19, 2014
1.4 April 28, 2014
1.3 February 23, 2014
1.2 January 28, 2014
1.1 January 27, 2014
1.0 December 21, 2013

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