About TotalOUYA.com  ยป

All about us, the lovely, handsome staff members of the greatest OUYA website the world will ever see

As you've probably figured out by now, TotalOUYA.com is a news website focusing on the OUYA.

We launched in April 2013, while eagerly awaiting the delivery of our Kickstarter-backer OUYA. And, as of 2nd April 2013, that's it. Expect this story to grow over the coming years.

The staff

Jay Filmer - Editor
email: [email protected]
twitter: twitter.com/UncleJaysus
Google+: Jay Filmer
Jay is a videogames journalist and web developer from Bournemouth, UK.
Prior to falling in love with OUYA, he has written for a variety of magazines and websites, such as gamesTM, X360, Xbox World, DC-UK, Games Radar, 360 Gamer and MCV, working for companies such as Uncooked Media, Highbury House and Future Publishing.
Having started this site from scratch, both editorially and technically, Jay is tired and wants some help. If you can help, please get in touch.

Adam Gouchi - Contributing Editor
email [email protected]
Google+: Adam Gouchi
Adam is a contributor who is fast gaining experience in the UK scene, with regular work appearing in 360 Gamer magazine and this here website.
He's adept at racers, fighting games and pretty much anything from Sega.