Privacy Policy

Details regarding data use, cookies etc

Hello. This page explains how we use your data.

In short, we don't, for the most part.

We do not collect and store your data. We do not use first-party tracking cookies or any other method to collect our users' data.

We use sesson cookies in one part of the site, the search area, found at the URI "/search/". This is for the purpose of populating the search results based on the search term submitted by the user. We do not store search terms.

While we do not track or store user data, we do use third party resources that have the power to do so.

We use Google Analytics, which uses a third-party cookie to track user behaviour in order to quantify and visualise user visits.

We use Google Adsense, which places third-party advertising code onto the page. Any cookies or other user tracking etc that happens as a result of this code is beyond our control.

Lastly, we run our website through CloudFlare, which itself may track any and all user activity through its network.

For futher details of the behaviour of these third-party resources, you should consult the privacy policies of the companies in question.

Regards Staff